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Ewing Law was established in 2013 by Principal Solicitor Scott Ewing, a nationally renown criminal solicitor with almost thirty years experience in defending the most serious prosecutions. Now backed by a carefully selected core team of like-minded, similarly experienced lawyers, Ewing Law’s reputation for criminal defence stands second to none.

Widely regarded as one of the leading criminal defence firms operating today, Ewing Law is perfectly equipped to take on any size of case, from private motoring offences to multi-handed murders, from simple theft to complex fraud, often with multi jurisdictional issues. Each case that comes to us, large or small, receives the same careful consideration, diligent preparation, honest, realistic legal advice, and absolute discretion.

Our close, long-term relationships with many of the leading Chambers in London, Birmingham and Liverpool provides us access to top-ranked barristers nationwide, ensuring that our client’s courtroom representation is of the same high-standard that Ewing Law itself provides.

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