Private Client – Motoring Offences

Ewing Law accepts private instruction to act on behalf of the defence in respect of any and all alleged motoring offences.

Whilst some build a brand around the concept of loophole defences, at Ewing Law we simply instruct the best, most experienced road-traffic barristers to study every case in detail and identify any technical or procedural defences which may be available. In addition, our specialists will advise fully and realistically on any factual defence advanced by our clients, and we routinely instruct experts in the field of alcoholic dissipation, GATSO (and other speed camera) calibration/accuracy and vehicle performance to challenge the prosecution case.

Those who bring allegations of road traffic violation to our team can be assured of honest, up-to-date and wholly realistic advice. If there is a factual defence with a reasonable prospect of success, we will tell you. If there is a technical or procedural point to be raised, we will advise you. But if there is no chance of success, or if our client is hoping for a ‘loophole’ which no longer exists, we will advise of this also. At Ewing Law our client is our number one priority, and we have no wish to pursue any case that is not in that client’s interest.

Due to our policy of offering the utmost discretion to our clients – high-profile or otherwise – we cannot offer a case list in this area of practice.

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