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A successful business will seek legal advice before entering into a commercial arrangement or a contract of any sort in order to avoid legal dispute or difficulties at a later stage. The most successful, however, will do the same in respect of whether their proposed actions carry any technical criminal or regulatory breaches.

As a result of our many years at the very forefront of white collar criminal defence and regulatory law, the Ewing Law team are well versed in the more technical aspects of what can and cannot constitute a ‘fraud’, in both the criminal and civil sense. We are also very aware of what seemingly innocuous actions would amount to a breach of regulatory rules in, for example, the financial sector. This expertise has left us in great demand when it comes to providing preemptory advice to bankers, traders and entrepreneurs, to ensure that their proposed actions or business conduct is both wholly legal and within the bounds of their own regulatory rules.

Believing strongly than crime prevention is preferable criminal defence, our founder and Principal Solicitor takes the lead with the criminal and regulatory aspect of this advisory service. Over the years Scott’s advice has seen many well known institutions and individuals change their intended courses of conduct to ensure that their actions are sound from both a legally and regulatory position,  saving them money and sleepless nights in the process.

Ewing Law’s services in this respect are often offered alongside the commercial version of the same from our sister-firm Buks, and are often supported – where requested – by the advice of specialist Queen’s Counsel.

Our advisory services are offered internationally.

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